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Vonage (, legal name Vonage Holdings Corp.) is a publicly held business cloud communications provider. Headquartered in Holmdel Township, New Jersey, the company was founded in 2001 as a provider of residential telecommunications services based on voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

A business developer mentioned, "Vonage is laying off people and hiring new ones to replace the old. The management structure is awful and very disorganized. Don't apply for this company right now until they get better organized."


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Current Employee - Senior Account Executive says

"No marketing help, no leads, no sales manager experience, No sales engineer, The training was below average at best. The enterprise and B2B space in Boston was a joke. No one even knew we existed."

Former Employee - QA Manager says

"Got to big for their own bridges. The morale is horrible, they have laid folks off only to bring them back as contract positions. After 10 years with the company was given 75% of the severance I thought I would receive. They complete their yearly reviews about what we thought of the company as employees, then laid everyone off once the results were in."

Former Employee - IT Manager says

"Layoffs, daily, weekly, monthly... No investment in people"

Former Employee - Technical Support Engineer says

"Hi - it's Alan. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback and I'm sorry to hear that you had these experiences. What you have described couldn't be further from the culture we are working to build and is counter to our values. I am particularly troubled by your comments around your experience related to the ADA. Our goal is to provide an environment built on inclusion and fairness where all employees feel valued and have the resources and support they need to do their best work and grow their careers, and we're working hard to achieve that. Remote work is something Vonage fully supports, but also remains at manager discretion because some roles require employees to work primarily in an office environment. I would like to hear more about your particular situation as what you have described is not indicative of who we are. I encourage you to reach out to me directly so I can learn more and look into your situation. Thanks again for your feedback and thanks for the work you did at Vonage while here. - Alan Masarek, CEO"

Former Employee - Management says

"Hi - it's Alan. Thanks for sharing this feedback. What you have described is certainly not indicative of our values and the company we are building. We are focused on creating an environment where our employees are learning, growing and feel they have the support they need to do their best work as we all drive the growth of the company together, regardless of office location. As you may be aware, we have almost as many employees in San Francisco and London as we do in Holmdel, and we've put site leaders in place for each location as well as on the ground HR support to ensure we are providing a great experience for our employees all around the world. I'm sorry to hear that was not your experience, and I'd like to know more if you are willing to get in touch with me directly. Thanks again for the feedback and I hope to hear from you. - Alan Masarek, CEO"

Former Employee - Sales Head says

"Hi - Alan here. Thanks so much for your feedback. I couldn't agree more that we are building a high tech, high energy company, and happy to hear your feedback on training. Training is a key part of ensuring that our sales teams are fully equipped to do their jobs. At Vonage, we have a unique set of solutions that are unlike what our competitors are offering, and what prospective customers are used to. We have a wide variety of training tools available for our sales teams and partners. You're right that we've had a strategy shift and some turnover in leadership over the past few years. That's a direct result of our transformation into a leader in the global business cloud communications space, which has been jump-started by bringing together nine companies and cultures in six years. Such a significant transformation is not without its challenges and we recognize that. We are in an industry that is rapidly changing and we need to continue to evolve with our industry. If our change is at a face pace, it is to ensure we are doing everything we can to bring our customers the latest solutions while ensuring we remain competitive. Thanks again for sharing. I wish you the best of luck in the future. - Alan Masarek, CEO"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Hi - Alan here. I am disappointed to hear about your negative experiences. What you shared is counter to our values and our focus on providing customers with an exceptional experience, from the products they provide to the service they receive. While we can always do better, I firmly believe that our sales and customer care teams are filled with dedicated professionals who care about our customers and work hard to improve their experience. If you have more details to share, I'd welcome additional feedback. Please get in touch with me directly so we can talk. Thanks again for sharing. - Alan Masarek, CEO"

VoIP Engineer/Tech Support (Former Employee) says

"Typical callcenter BS, stuck in a little cube with nothing but your computer screen. It was ok in the beginning when you could actually talk to your coworkers, but then devolved quickly after."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"The work life balance along with the low pay scale make Vonage not a good place to work. Long hours are the expectation but the company does not provide commensurate compensation."

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The managers were uncaring. I had to eat lunch away because if I ate in the breakroom they would think nothing of making me come up to the floor to help with customers."

Salesman (Former Employee) says

"Compensation was not good. I applied to get hired on full time and interviewed and got the position, but they pay did not increase at all from being a temp employee. The culture is not as cool as what people say"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Not a place where you start out full time can be very stressful the pay is great if you make decent hours it's also fast pace a lot of standing on the feet."

Retail Associate (Former Employee) says

"it was located at Glendale plaza in the san Gabriel Valley. I worked for my friend making sales for Vonage. typical day work was slow sometimes and competitive.. Lack of management when it came time to pay me..."

Customer Care Representative (Former Employee) says

"If you are thinking about applying...don't do it!!! Cut throat co-workers, and customers who are very abusive. Management does not look out for employees."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"if you're not making enough commission they'll just let you go so it's not reliable because no one uses home phones anymore so it's really hard to sell the product."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Everything about this company is bad. The HR department doesn't care about the employees. All departments complain about the management. The pay is low and benefits suck. Vonage is a joke."

Administrative Assistant/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This job can be very stressful, they have a lack of management which i would not want to go tru again. i would not recommend nobody to this job. worst job ever."

Customer Service Rep - Helpdesk Tier 1 (Former Employee) says

"Management staff was very demeaning to employees - micromanaged over abuncance"

customer care (Current Employee) says

"This place is like working for KIDS who's parents gave them the business as a present and they have no idea how to run it. They are extremely power happy. Vonage made a huge mistake buying vocalcity. They monitor your every move. No breaks, 30 minute lunches, badger you about answering calls that are waiting even though you're already on the phone. They talk down to their employees. Very unhelpful. Terrible training. Management clicks. Systems are constantly crashing and they won't and don't know how to do anything about it. No room for growth besides these pathetic position they make up daily to the brown nosers. In all, this company will be shutting down in like 5 years. Don't work here unless you're EXTREMELY desperate.nothingthe entire company"

Sales Representative-Seasonal (Former Employee) says

"No work colture, bad customer service, managers don't have work ethics. They care more about sales than helping the customer. No protection of your rights, human resourses dont really exist. Too much stress.Everything about it sucks"

Advanced Customer Service/ Process Improvement (Former Employee) says

"i would have stayed with vonage had they not been sued for aptent infridgement. the culture and envirnment changed afterwords. everything that i worked towards went out the window went from leading the project managemnt team to being thrown back on the phonesfree gym and mealslong commute"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work would consist of 12-14 hours trying to approach as many possible clients as possible due to a daily goal that we had to accomplish.salary + commissionshort breaks"

Technology Manager (Former Employee) says

"Stay away from this unprofessional company! Management decisions based on a "Mom & Pop" shop mentality, too cheap to use industry standard technologies. Benefits have a lot to be desired."

N/A (Former Employee) says

"Poor Communication Poor work life balance No clear direction for the company Massive layoff High Turnover Management undermines your work and does not support you"

Program Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very aggressive and push hard environment. Not much to learn. Management was okay. Hire and fire culture. Too many meetings. Management was very demanding."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Manager NEVER came in. often times i was the only employee to show up for work. The recruiter lied about how much money I'd get for training.Noneeverything"

Training Manager (Former Employee) says

"While the amenities like the cafeteria having such a wide selection was a plus, the people aspect of the company was blindingly bad. Multiple complaints about rushing out products, no concern for the employees, and upper management that seemed to care more for their stock options than the welfare of their employees. Please note this was from when I worked there several years ago, so hopefully it has changed Still, it was more about squeezing the employees dry than building up a motivated workforce, at least when I was there.good amenitiesdehumanizing treatment, massive turnover"

Former Customer says

"I have never had so much hassle trying to cancel a service. FIrst you wait on the phone for 20 minuutes to get a person who tries to talk you out of shutting off service. She was so persistent I had to tell her to knock it off and just cancel the service. She told me I was paid up for the next month so service would stop on Nov 18th. When November rolled around the service stopped promptly on the right day but a few days later I got noticed that Vonage charged me a monthly again. This was after the card I had been using for them had expired. I figured their papaerwork would catch up and they would realize I\'d cancelled. Next notice is get is that they have charged two months to my new credit card. Not only does this piss me off about the new card, I tried calling and after waiting 1/2 HOUR was told that they cant help me because I dont have an account any longer??? Nice frigging circle of fraud. I call my credit card and dispute the charge and the Vonage jerks send them a copy of my contract and tell them that I signed a contract saying I\'d pay even if I didn\'t use the service. Are you kidding me?? I legally cancelled the service - that\'s why I\'m not using the service. I will waste one more hour (when they are open during working hours only 9-5) on this before calling my friend the lawyer to straighten them out. "

Barry M says

"Around Oct 18th 2020 I called to cancel my Vonage service. I had to forcefully tell the agent I wanted to cancel, not change, not get a discount, etc. Just cancel the service. She finally agreed to cancel the service and let me know that I had already paid for November and they don't give refunds. The service and my account would cancel on or about November 18th. I checked after that time and the service was indeed dead. I next hear from Vonage in December telling my the card they had been charging had expired. I wasn't worried because I had cancelled the service. I then got my statement from my new credit card and apparently they had found a way to charge that for 2 months. I called Vonage again and was told the agent couldn't help me because my account was closed so she couldn't look it up. I then contested the charge with my credit card and they credited it back to me, but I recently got a letter from them along with copies of a letter from Vonage showing my account and saying the contract says I have to pay even though I'm not using the service. I now have to give them more documentation to fight Vonage's incompetence. I've checked online and this appears to be a common experience among customers trying to cancel their service. They get the hard sell not to cancel, they then are told the account is cancelled but in reality it is not. What I originally thought was incompetence now seems to be real fraud. I am so frustrated I intend to raise this with every regulatory and law enforcement agency I can. I will also send a copy of this to my lawyer. I'd rather pay him than them."

Louisa says

"Worst experience. I called vonage and one of their employee Orante Duante gave me a very high price for what we need. I said i was not interested. One hour later, Rhony Morales called me and said he was the supervisor. He started telling he has a business vonage for me and the price was much lower that Orante gave me. He told me i have to sign right away the contract with all my personal informations and my credit card. He promised me that the next day i will have my line and all the services i paid. To reinsure me he gave me his email and his personal number ( i guess it was a virtual phone!!). It is been one week the phone is not working. I tried to call Rhony and ....the phone is not working!!! I sent him numerous emails and no answer from him and Orante for one week already. This is the biggest scam!!! Be aware!!!"

Robert Sobala says

"waste of time, worst customer service ever, give yourself a favor and go somewhere else"

No name says

"I originally wrote this beginning of Jan. Now it's the 17th and still don't have call forwarding. I have the "world plan" suppose to go to 60 different countries, and it was since July, then stopped Dec 24th. Have spent 'HOURS" on the phone, now they are telling me no calls can go international anymore. WHAT??? I hang up, call the next day, oh, they are working on my phone. but will charge me $ 70 if I cancel, I said I am paying for a service that is not working, so what am I paying for? and you're gonna charge me to cancel a service that doesn't work? Don't get vonage. ( now is the original from Jan 3 rd msg) Cannot get call forward to work. They opened a "ticket" ( Ticket number INC000003706411 has been escalated to our Advanced Operations Support team.) Dec 26th, I still no call forwarding Jan 3rd. I will have to cancel vonage, because call forwarding is a 100% necessity, I don't need their company without it. I see previous answers from vonage to send a private message about the problems, but I don't see the email address listed for that. They are a company that is going to make money one way or another, so they don't need us "little guys". Sad."


"impossible to get through , wasted several hours cannot talk to anyone . My phone line is not working ,trying to get on to their useless webchat it says the account no and email does not match so do not know where to go Iftikhar ul haq Vonage phone 02039503094 UK mobile 07970211654 it has become a totally useless service would never recommend to anyone"

Nick van Vliet says

"They no longer have a customer support line that you can call to talk to someone. You can only talk to them through a chat and half the time they dont know what theyre talking about. I literally was calling to add a line and they couldnt figure it out. Very disappointed. Terrible customer service."

Pluto says

"I have been a long time vonage customer. Their plan charges and other fees have been creeping up and for a basic phone service with free international calls to India, the main reason I even had this service, it was coming out to nearly $50. I recently canceled my service with Vonage and ported my number to another provider. I placed the port request when I signed up with the other carrier and unfortunately it happened to be the first day of a new billing cycle with Vonage. It took 6 days to complete the port request and Vonage refused to refund prorated amount for the month I had paid in advance. Charging for a service that is not provided is shady business practice. Vonage has lost a customer for good, I will never return to Vonage even if the service is free and will never refer them to anyone."

Nicole Durham says

"We have used Vonage now for 5 years and the service has been hit-and-miss but overall acceptable for our business needs. Due to the fact that the rates are pretty low for a small business owner we have worked around their customer service issues. I recently needed technical assistance (the week of Thanksgiving 2020) and found out that Vonage now removed its phone technical support customer service reps for accounts that are under a certain premium. If you pay under a certain $$$ for services they require that all of your issues be handled via chat ONLY. If I did this to my customers I would be out of business. Guess what Vonage you are about to be fired!"

Jeff Rolczynski says

"Vonage technical support is virtually non exsistent!! I spent 45 minutes trying to reach using Chat (the only option) and then spent 3 hours with someone going back and forth!!! Still does not work"

Alexis Sibrian says

"They never answer they have people answering in costa rica that know nothing about the phone systems. Horrible service. LOST LOTS OF CUSTOMERS because the phones systems did not work well."

PrimaryCare Metabolic says

"I do not recommend this service"

Aymal Ay says

"Sales are well trained to look for preys. Once you have signed the contract be prepared with monthly increased Bill. Every month a little more will be added and when you try to resolve issues... Meet John who has American accent I guess one of the rudest customer service you can meet on earth. All I can say is this company needs to train its staff about power of customer service and human connection i guess they have lost tough with reality....I am going to wave Vonage good bye and good luck...."

Hazel-Eyzs says

"I tried Vonage for a $25 plan and realized they were charging me $45 instead, When I asked why the huge fluctuation in the price, they said the extra $20 are the taxes and fees. This is horrible, they have charged an extra $20 per month and could care less. when I went back and fourth with them stating that is astronomical amount of taxes n fees to charge they just said that is what we charge... I cancelled the service but will suggest Buyer Be aware !"

Ali Farhan says

"unhappy, overpriced i got a way better deal from Acefone company"

Dan Goetz says

"This has been one of the worst B2B experiences in my lifetime. We signed up for service for our small business with an existing toll free number. Sales was VERY attentive, and always available right up to the point of sale. Once we signed up, we sent paperwork to port our toll free number, which was rejected by the previous carrier...5 times. Now this isn't Vonage fault, and after the first rejection, a rep emailed us to help resolving the issue. After that, we only received an email saying we did not submit the correct information on the letter of authority. No guidance from Vonage in getting this corrected. Finally, after 2 full months of paying for service without use of our toll free number on their system, the number was ported to Vonage...and did not work. AT ALL! We are currently a month later, and the number still does not work. AT ALL!! We have gotten almost NO communication about the issue, have no one to contact to discuss the issue, have had no one in sales or customer service reach out to us to explain, apologize, tell us to kick sand, NOTHING. This company does NOT care about their customers. We have already signed up for another service, and the number ports in 2 days. Still no word from Vonage to try to keep us, or make the situation right. I STRONGLY recommend finding an alternate service. ***UPDATE*** 11 Days after this review was posted-- Vonage asked for my identifying information today through Trustpilot to better respond to my review (and Im sure to ensure that I am in fact a customer, which I still am until my second phone number is ported to my new service). I have heard NOTHING from Vonage through my account with them. One of our toll free numbers has already ported to our new service, and not a phone call, email, NOTHING! This company clearly sees that I am changing my service over, but has made ZERO effort to reach out to me to see why or if they could do something to help me, but they sure as heii are going to respond to a public review. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!!"

Tyler says

"Oh my god, took so long to cancel. They make you go through so many hoops."

Abigail Seymour says

"This is so unnecessarily complicated -- I am a small business with two users, and I have wasted HOURS trying to set this up. Their customer service is terrible, you can never reach anyone, and I am actually quite tech-savvy and found the instructions and interface inscrutable. I am switching to another service immediately. I rarely take time to write a review, but they need to do a serious inventory on how they operate because it is terribly designed."

Tom says

"After many years, I cancelled Vonage - just don’t need it anymore. The polite customer service person told me I would not receive a refund even though I had cancelled effective immediately, because they had just billed me for the upcoming month. She said it is their “policy”, which is the word big companies use to justify taking advantage of consumers. This is outright theft. Don’t use Vonage."

Dennis S says

"Recent reply from Vonage on my review of the terrible service: Hi Dennis, We sincerely apologize for your recent experience. We would be happy to look into this for you. Please respond privately with your Vonage account , so we can investigate the matter. --Vonage My Reply: Too late Vonage.We are making arrangements for moving to a new provider.You should have thought about these issues before you decided to put together the very worst customer and tech support system and low quality overseas call centers you possibly could and I recommend everyone find a better VOIP provider and send you the message that tolerating such terrible customer support should have consequences.Also I expect no issues with closing my account and no further charges once the account is closed and no penalties."

Charles Strait says

"Vonage website lists disconnected phone number as contact number!!! 1-866-243-4357 is not a valid number...at least today. But it's the customer contact number! I just signed up for a residential Vonage line. It seems to work fine, since yesterday. I wanted to add a fax line to my number. The website process says I need to call customer service to get a new adapter. OK, makes sense."

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